Scheduled message in Telegram

Scheduled message in Telegram

Scheduled message in Telegram- Telegram Messenger is one of the top messengers in the world. The capabilities and services of Telegram have caused the satisfaction of the users of this messenger. Telegram has a very good position and rank compared to other messengers. Because creativity and innovation in providing updates as well as providing up-to-date features and services have differentiated it from other messengers.

Most Telegram users spend time during the day using this messenger. Some have created Internet businesses through Telegram that can be a source of income for them. Others have created channels or supergroups and produce content for their audiences. Everyone in the telegram spends time in some way.

The remarkable thing about using Telegram is that in order to benefit more from this messenger, you should get acquainted with its features and use them when needed.

For example, for those who only use Telegram chat, knowing and using features such as video messaging and voice, Telegram gifs and stickers, as well as how to send different types of files can make chatting very enjoyable.

Telegram also has unique capabilities that can be very interesting and useful for its users. One of these features is the possibility of sending a live location in Telegram, which can be displayed live for a certain period of time. In this way, if our position changes, it will still be displayed for the person to whom we sent the location.

Other unique and distinguishing features of Telegram include the ability to send scheduled messages. This feature, as its name implies, is such that you can specify whether to send a message, photo, video, or text on the date to send to the desired person or channel on the specified date To be.

Use of scheduled messages in Telegram

Timed messaging is used in many cases, this feature works for all Telegram users, for example, channel admins can easily send their desired messages in a timed manner.

Consider that you are the channel admin and you have a busy day ahead of you, you also have to send the channel posts, in spite of a lot of busyness, in order to be able to publish your posts without worries, you have to be able to schedule Use messages in Telegram.

A user who uses Telegram only for chatting has the ability to send a scheduled message. For example, you can use this feature and set it at a specific time to send a birthday message to our friend that we may forget, through a timed message.

How to send a scheduled message in Telegram

Sending a scheduled message is easy, in order to send a scheduled message, you must follow the steps below.

1_ Log in to your Telegram messenger and then go to the private chat or channel where you want to send the message.

2_ Prepare the message or file, photo, and content that you intend to send.

3_ Then, from the specified message, touch the send icon for a few seconds to send the message in a scheduled manner.

4_ Now select the Schedule Message option.

5_ Determine the time to send the message.

6_ The message will be sent at the specified time.

By performing the steps described, you can specify that the message is sent at a specific time. Sometimes we may stop sending the message and try to stop sending the message before it is time to do so, so we have to delete the scheduled message.

How to delete a scheduled message in Telegram

1 _ Enter your telegram and then go to the chat page or channel from which you want to delete the scheduled message.

2_ Then enter the timed messages page via the calendar icon for messages that you have sent in a scheduled manner.

3_ Touch the message through the window that opens, select the delete option so that another message is not sent at the specified time.

A few tips about the Telegram timed message

It is possible to change the sending time of the desired message. For example, if our opinion changes for the time of sending the message, using this feature, we can easily consider the desired changes. To do this, enter the timed messages page and select the reschedule option by touching the message from the menu that appears and enters the desired time.

There is also the ability to edit scheduled messages; If you want to add text to your message, you can edit it. Just go to the Scheduled Messages page.

If you want the scheduled message to be sent at this moment, you must enter the page of these messages and select the send now option by touching the message.

This interesting and unique feature of Telegram creates the conditions for more practical use of this messenger.

As mentioned, timed messages work in many situations. Channel and group admins can easily manage to send messages using this feature and no longer need to send specific messages during certain times of the day.

The existence of these facilities causes more satisfaction than Telegram and creates conditions for users to become members of Telegram to use and benefit from them.

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