Search location in Telegram

Search location in Telegram

Search location in Telegram- Telegram is a global messenger that was introduced many years ago and was able to attract millions of viewers from all over the blind. Telegram Messenger has unique capabilities and features that make it different from other messengers.

The existence of these features and facilities in Telegram has caused the popularity and satisfaction of the users of this messenger. Since the introduction of Telegram until today, updates of this messenger have been provided to users who can download the provided updates and use the added features.

If we compare the initial version of Telegram with the latest update provided, we will see what features have been added to Telegram. The existence of these features encourages users to use Telegram more because most Telegram users spend time during the day using Telegram and using these features can be interesting for them.

Telegram users should benefit from the features added to Telegram in order to be able to use this messenger more usefully. Among the very useful updates of Telegram, the following can be mentioned:

. Ability to send a timed message in the telegram, so that you can set a time to send the message.

. Ability to put a video in Telegram profile, which can be interesting and useful for many Telegram users.

. Categorize or folder messages that can be used to organize chats, groups, or telegram channels.

. Ability to send live location in chats so that in a certain period of time our location or even change it can be seen online.

Another feature added to Telegram is the ability to find people close to you using location. This unique feature was presented in one of its updates and has surprised the users of this messenger.

The ability to track and find close people by location was released in version 5.8 of Telegram. Based on this feature, it is possible to search for people based on location, and I can find people who are members of Telegram and have a geographical location close to us.

Applications of Search location in Telegram

Using this feature, I can find my friends who live close to us and form friendly groups with them.

The ability to search by location in the telegram can play the role of a dating robot designed for this purpose. In dating robots, it is possible to find people based on their location and start a friendly relationship with them.

According to the description, one of the applications of this feature is dating places. The point about this feature is that it should not be used to disturb other Telegram users, which indicates improper use of Telegram features.

Another application of finding people based on location, which is very useful for businesses, is that business owners can invite people close to their store by creating a supergroup in Telegram. In this way, they can introduce their products and services to them.

Based on the example above, we find out what useful uses can be made of Telegram facilities that will also help our business grow. In general, using the capabilities of Telegram in the direction of business development can be very effective.

How to Search location in Telegram

1_ Log in to Telegram Messenger.

2_ Then enter the main menu of Telegram through the three-line icon.

3_ After entering the Telegram menu, select the CONTACTS option.

4_ Activate the FIND, PEOPLE, NEARLY option at the top of your contact list.

5_ In this section, you must turn on your mobile location to access people and groups close to you.

6_By turning on the location, this feature is activated, which includes two parts: PEOPLE NEARLY and GROUPS NEARBY.

PEOPLE NEARLY is a list of groups close to your location to show accounts that are close to you and GROUPS NEARBY.

At the bottom of the PEOPLE NEARLY heading is the MAKE MYSELF VISIBLE option, which, when enabled, adds you to the contact list, allowing people to access you.

Also at the bottom of GROUPS NEARBY it is possible to create a local group with people close to you and have a joint group with people close to you.

The very interesting thing about this feature is that, under the names of individuals and groups, the distance between us and those people in terms of kilometers is displayed.

Location-based search is only enabled when you turn on your mobile location and stay in this area, as soon as the location is turned off, this feature is disabled, and other people can not find you this way.

Search location in Telegram is one of the useful features of Telegram because today Telegram users are looking for friendship with people close to them, and this feature has made it easier.

Creativity and innovation in adding features to Telegram have caused the users of this messenger to use it in various fields. Some use it for chatting, some to create a channel or group and manage it, and some to introduce and sell their services.

Telegram is a messenger with many features that can be useful for all people who use it, to use this messenger more effectively, it is better to read about its features.

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