Send photos in Telegram

Send photos in Telegram

Send photos in Telegram- Telegram Messenger is one of the best and most practical active messengers in the world. Telegram has millions of users around the world, most of whom spend time during the day using this messenger.

Telegram has a good rank and position compared to other messengers and the reason is the existence of capabilities and facilities that encourage users to use Telegram better and more usefully.

In its updates, Telegram adds features to this messenger, which makes it possible to use Telegram more.

For example, the update has made it possible to transfer ownership of channels, which can be done easily when we want to transfer the channel to another person.

In addition, in the latest update of Telegram, the possibility of making a video call has been added, which makes Telegram more popular than before.

The main focus of the Telegram messenger is chatting and conversations with people as well as chatting in groups. Of course, the ability to build a channel has led to more use of Telegram.

It has happened to all Telegram users that they want to send a photo in the chat window or in a group, or even a channel admin wants to share a photo with their channel contacts. Send photos in Telegram is easy to do and in many cases, is used by Telegram users. For example, when you want to send a photo of yourself to a friend, or when you have bought a dress and you want to send a photo of it to your friend group to ask others for their opinion in this regard.

All this shows that sending photos in Telegram is done a lot because, during the day, things happen that we like to share with others. Telegram has created capabilities for sending photos so that you can send the photo to the recipient by making changes in it.

But how can the photo be shared in Telegram? How to make the desired changes in the photo that we intend to send?

Send photos in Telegram chat

Sending photos in Telegram chat is easy. By logging in to your Telegram messenger and then entering the chat window with the person or group you want. Touch the clip icon to send the file, photo, location, etc. Then you will be referred to your mobile gallery, here you select the photo you want and then select the message icon to send the photo to the person or group.

How to send photos in Telegram; Consider changes?

As mentioned earlier, Telegram has built-in photo editing capabilities. With these features, changes can be made to the photo we want to send. After selecting the photo, three icons should be placed at the bottom of the photo.

Framing Icon: Using this feature, you can change the dimensions of the photo and also read it, which can be done with the chat icon in the corner.

If you want to crop part of the photo, you have to do it through the four corners of the photo. At the bottom of this section is a bar that changes the angle of the photo. By changing it, you can see that the angles of the photo change, and you can set it to your liking.

Pencil icon: This icon provides many possibilities to make changes in the photo, by selecting this icon, you will go to the menu where you can draw on the photo to be painted or you can add text to the photo and sticker and mask Put on the photo. In this section, there is a bar of the range of usable colors that can be used to select the desired color for painting or writing text on the photo.

The pen icon next to the color bar provides users with four types of capabilities for painting on a photo, which includes pen, marker, neon, and arow. The second icon in this section is to place a sticker or mask on the photo and the last icon is to create text.

Edit Icon (two sliders): The Edit Icon allows you to create an edited photo on your own. For example, you can increase or decrease its contrast, or change the intensity of the shadows. The capabilities of this icon are very useful, with which you can make noticeable changes to the image itself.

After you have considered the changes and editing you want, you have to touch the DONE option to record the changes, then send it. Photo editing can make it more beautiful and effective, and in addition to making changes such as placing stickers and masks on the photo can provide us with an interesting image. For example, when you want to congratulate a friend on his birthday on Telegram, you can use the masks related to the birthday party to edit the photo and send it to him.

Another case shows the possibilities of sending photos on Telegram. When you want to send a photo to someone and you want to mark a part of it with a mark that is better seen, you can mark it using the pen icon.

Group or channel admins can also use this feature to send better quality photos, which makes the channel’s audience more willing to follow it.

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