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Build telegram robot- Among a large number of active messengers around the world, Telegram was able to become very popular among its users. Telegram has many capabilities that can be used to better communicate and interact with other users, as well as attract the audience for their business.

One of these capabilities of Telegram are robots that are very efficient in the Telegram space. For example, it can be used to better manage groups, it can introduce and advertise your services and business to users. As well as making mind games that are fun for people, they are all part of the capabilities of Telegram robots.

To build a telegram robot, you must follow the following steps:

The BotFather robot was introduced by Telegram to build robots, which makes it very easy to create a robot through this.

1_ Search for Botfather in the Telegram search section, enter the robot, and hit Start.

2_ After hitting the BotFather start button, all the features, and commands such as building a new robot, if you have already built a robot, show you the ability to edit the old robot, robot settings, and the game robots section. You must click on / new bot to build a new robot.

3_ When you select the new bot option and through this to build a telegram robot, you must choose a name for your robot that you must write and send.

4_ In the next step, when you send your desired name to the robot, you must choose a username for your robot, which ends in the word Bot or Robot, be careful not to use unauthorized characters for the username. Then submit it. If it is approved and accepted, you will go to the step, otherwise, you will be asked to choose another username.

In this step, you can set the photo, description, and permission to enter groups for the robot.

Select the set description/option and send a photo to be placed on the robot.

Click the set description/option and write and send a description of the robot.

Click the set description/option and after selecting the robot, select ENABLED from the two options.

5_At this stage, the robot is made in BotFather, and its token is displayed for you.

6_ So far we have succeeded in building a telegram robot, but this robot is not active, which means that it is not actually able to receive and execute commands from users. To activate the robot we need to activate it. To do this we need another robot. We use the ManyBot robot to activate our robot.

7_ Search for ManyBot robot in the Telegram search section. After entering the robot, click the Start option. If this is the first time you have used this robot, you can select the language you want. Tap the option to build a new robot, here it is seen that it asks us to build a robot if we have not built a robot. Since we did this step earlier, we have nothing to do with the section and just click the “I copied the API token” button.

8_ Copy the created robot tokens from BotFather and send ManyBot. No one other than the robot maker should have access to the robot token.

9_ In this step, the robot tokens are approved and you are asked to write a description of your robot. It will be displayed to the user when they start option is hit. If you do not want to write a description of the built robot, click the skip option, and skip this step.

10_ Your robot was created through two telegram robots BotFather and ManyBot, and you can use it or add it to groups.

What are the limitations of bots for sending messages?

When you want to send a message on a page, try not to send more than one message per second, of course, it is possible to send many messages per second, but it will cause you to receive a 449 error.

How to download files in Telegram by a robot?

Up to 200MB files can be downloaded through your robot via the getFile method. Using this method, your id will send the file to Telegram and the download link will be sent to you from the Telegram server in response.

Are robots able to receive messages from other robots?

Robots are not able to receive and respond to other robots ‘messages. If robots are able to see each other’s messages, it is possible that they will get into an unwanted loop and disrupt the robots’ performance and will no longer function as before.

Is it possible to add new features to Telegram robots?

Certainly, robots are more efficient than their basic level, and after building the Telegram robot, it is possible to add many of these potential capabilities. The Telegram robot is a gateway for sending and receiving information between the user and the robot designer servers, while the designer algorithms how efficiently this information is and what responses they send to the user depends on their ability to program and be creative. The design of the telegram robot is related.

How can we see the messages sent by users to our robot?

There are two ways to update telegram robots using long-polling or web boxing. The way of long polling or get updates is that you use Token to send a request to the telegram every time and receive the latest messages from users to the robot. But in the webhooks method, whenever the user sends a message to your telegram robot, this message is immediately referred to your webhook address, where you must analyze the received message and send the appropriate response.

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