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Hide number in Telegram- Telegram is a messaging system where billions of messages are sent and published daily. This messenger has millions of users all over the world and in different countries, who spend most of their time during this day.

The existence of capabilities and facilities in Telegram has provided a platform for easy conversation and chat. There are features such as group creation, which creates two-way communication between Telegram users, and even in supergroups it is possible to join up to two hundred thousand people, the possibility of creating a channel that can be produced for Telegram users with different topics; Like educational channels or even businesses can introduce and offer their services and products through channels; Another important feature of Telegram is the security and high speed of processing messages and sent files, which has distinguished this messenger.

All people who have an account in Telegram have registered through a mobile number and their Telegram is active on this number. When we log out of Telegram, the activation code will be sent to the same number where we created our account to activate and re-enter.

Sometimes users try to hide the number in the telegram. If a person does not want his number to be shown to others or only to those he knows. Telegram Messenger has made it possible for all its users to hide their number in Telegram.

To hide the number in Telegram for the Android operating system, you must follow the following steps:

1_ Enter the Telegram messenger and refer to its main menu.

2_ In the main menu, enter the settings section and then go to the privacy and security section.

3_ In the privacy section, touch the title phone number.

4_ In the next section, you have access to the settings of your telegram number. In the first part, you are asked who can see your contact number?

There are three options in front of us to answer:

everybody: This option means that anyone who visits your account profile or sends you a message will be shown your absolute contact number. By selecting this option, everyone will have access to your contact number and it will be displayed for them. When you enable this option, a never allow section will appear at the bottom of the page in the add exceptions section, which is to specify the people to whom we do not want our contact number to be displayed. By touching this section, we will access the list, and by selecting people, we will be prevented from accessing and displaying our number.

my contacts: By activating my contacts option, the contact number will be displayed only for those who are in our contact list, and no one else will have access to the contact number; In the add exceptions section, by selecting this option, two sections never allow and always allow appear. The never allow option is for people who want to never have access to our mobile number in Telegram and maybe in our contact list and always allow can be used for those to whom we want to give access and display our contact number.

nobody: Selecting these greens means that no one in the telegram will be able to see our contact number. After selecting this option, always allow appears to reach the people who want to see our number by touching the add users section.

When the nobody option is selected, another feature is created that can be used to determine who can find us by telegram with their mobile number, and the question is displayed, who can find me by my number?

There are two options to answer:

everybody: By activating this option, all people who have our contact number can find our Telegram account through it, and it is possible to hide the number in Telegram.

my contacts: Selecting this option means that only people on our contact list can find us through our contact number.

Hide Telegram number for iOS:

1_ Log in to Telegram Messenger and go to its main menu.

2_ Enter the settings section from the main menu and then refer to the privacy and security section.

3_ In the privacy section, there is a Hide mobile number from the menu option, which by activating this option, you can easily hide your number in chats and it is not possible for other people to view it.

As explained, it is simply possible to restrict the display of contact numbers in Telegram for Android and iOS operating systems.

Hiding the number and not showing it in the Telegram messenger can be done for any reason. For example, most Telegram users are members of different groups, these groups may not be friendly or family groups and strangers with whom we are not familiar are members, so you can hide your contact number. Prevented any abuse or harassment.

Creating a framework for a personal account in Telegram can bring us peace of mind and make it easy to join the group or channels we like. In messengers, especially Telegram, there are millions of users, among whom may be people who want to harass others, and how much better to use these features of Telegram for more security for our account.

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