Mute the Telegram channel

Mute the Telegram channel- Telegram’s global messenger has many capabilities and facilities that attract people to use it. Since the introduction of Telegram until today, millions of users have been added to Telegram and they work in this messenger from most countries of the world.

Telegram is an up-to-date messenger and has provided more benefits and more useful features for all its users. Most people who have a Telegram account are aware of Telegram’s capabilities. Features such as the ability to create channels with an unlimited number of members, sometimes we see channels with several million members, as well as the possibility of creating supergroups that can be a member with a capacity of two hundred thousand people. In addition, we can mention the secret of Telegram chat, which creates a very safe space for a chat.

Another feature that Telegram has provided to its users is the creation of multiple user accounts in one version of Telegram, which makes it possible for those who want to manage multiple accounts at the same time to easily access their user accounts in one Telegram access.

Most of the people who are members of Telegram and work in it are members of different channels. There are telegram channels with different content, educational channels that can be used to learn, news channels that can be used to inform the news, channels with fan content that contain their content. Can be used to create fun moments and channels that are all created for a specific purpose.

If Telegram users are members of several channels, a notification will be received for each message sent on those channels. This can definitely be annoying for anyone because we are constantly hearing this notification.

To solve this problem, Telegram Messenger has a feature that can be used to prevent messages from being sent to groups. This feature, called Telegram Channel Mute, is enabled for all Telegram channels and groups, and even for two-way chats.

Having this feature helps us to easily subscribe to our favorite channels.

How to mute the notifications of the telegram channels of which we are a member:

There are three ways to mute the Telegram channel.

The first way

1_ the First log in to Telegram Messenger.

2_ Then in your chat window, go to the desired channel.

3_ Touch mute at the bottom of the page. Doing so will no longer enable you to announce messages on this channel.

The second way

1_ Log in to Telegram Messenger and then go to the channel whose notifications you want to mute.

2_ Touch the three-dot icon at the top of the messages page of this channel.

3_ You will see the Mute notifications option, by selecting this option, a pop-up page will appear where you can select the desired time to mute the telegram channel. Options include mute for 1 hour, 8 hours, 2 days, or forever. Touch the option to activate.

The third way

1_ Log in to Telegram Messenger and refer to the desired channel.

2_ After entering the channel messages page, touch the channel name at the top of the page.

3_Then you enter another page where notifications are displayed, by touching the bar in front of it, channel notifications are disabled.

Using these three ways, it is easy to mute the Telegram channel.

When a channel is muted in front of the channel name at the top of the screen, a ringtone icon with a line appears to indicate that the channel is muted.

If you are the admin or creator of a channel, you can mute your Telegram channel notifications.

In order to mute the Telegram channel that you are the administrator, you must follow the following steps:

There are three ways to do this.

1_ Log in to Telegram Messenger and go to the channel you are the admin or creator of.

2_ By entering the desired channel at the bottom of the page in front of the broadcast section, there is an icon with an alarm sign.

3_ By touching this icon, the channel will be muted and members will not receive the post notification placed in the channel.

The second way

1_ In the first step, enter Telegram and refer to your channel.

2_ Touch the three-dot icon on the channel messages page of which you are the admin.

3_ Select Mute notifications from the two options displayed. Options are displayed to determine how long the channel is silent, select the duration of your comment to be activated.

And the third way

Go to the channel you are the admin or creator of and touch the channel name from the top of the screen, after entering the next step, touch the bar in front of the notifications that is on to mute the channel.

It is very useful for those who are members of many channels to mute the Telegram channel, it is better to mute the channels that you visit from time to time and do not mute the channels that you use the most. To be informed about new content and posts in them.

If the channels that you do not enter consecutively are not silent, you will receive many notifications and it can even cause you not to notice the message of people in the telegram, so you should use this possibility to better benefit from the message Telegram messenger used.

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