Save Telegram Message

Save Telegram Message

Save Telegram Message- Telegram Messenger is a global messenger with millions of active users in most countries of the world. This messenger has undergone many changes since its introduction. Telegram Company provides various updates to its users consecutively over time. These updates create various capabilities to make Telegram better and more useful.

Telegram is a successful messenger among all existing and active messengers in the world, the facilities and capabilities provided in Telegram make it different from other messengers. Telegram ranks well among other messengers.

The features and capabilities that Telegram has created for its users provide the conditions for the useful use of this messenger by users. One of the most important features of this messenger is security and high processing speed. Other features of Telegram include secret chat, which provides a completely secure space for conversation, as well as the existence of Telegram channels and groups that can be a good place to produce valuable and useful content.

One of the applications that most Telegram users use is the Telegram Message Save feature, which allows us to store a variety of content, including text, photo, and video content here.

But how to use saved messages? How to search for files saved in Save Message? What are the benefits of using Save Message?

Save Telegram Message actually provides a chat-like space for the user, which can be useful for all those who work in Telegram. For example, you are a member of a telegram channel or a group and you come across a text and valuable content and you want to save it. Now, despite the save message, it can be easily saved in the save message section.

But how to send a message in a saved message?

To do this, you have to tap on the desired content, which can be a photo, text, video, or any file, select the forward option from the pop-up screen that opens, and then go to the Telegram dialog box to forward the message. The first option is displayed at the top of the page saved messages, by selecting the saved message, the message is sent to this section and saved and is visible only to you.

If you have sent a message from your person or group and Telegram channel to your message save, the profile picture of the person or channel from which you forwarded the message will be placed next to that message. Next to the message is an icon that, when touched, takes you to the main location of the message stored in the saved message.

When you enter the Telegram messenger, you can access the save messages in two ways, the first way is through the chat and chats window, where the save messages are also located, and if you use this section a lot, Also, if you have multiple chats, channels, and groups in your telegram, you can use the pinning feature for easier access to save messages. The second way to access and enter the save message is through the main menu of Telegram so that after entering the Telegram messenger, refer to the main menu with a three-line icon at the top of the dialog box, in this There is a saved messages option in the menu, and to enter it, just touch this option.

As mentioned, in Telegram Message Save, any type of message can be sent and saved. This section is the place to send your favorite messages as well as the required messages. If you have saved many messages in your save message, it may take a long time to find it, but Telegram has a feature built into this section that can be easily searched according to the file type.

To do this, enter your save message, and tap on the title of the saved message, or you will be justified on a page that includes sections, media, files, links, audio, voice messages, which are sorted by all sent to The save message is displayed.

In the media section, there are photos and videos that have been categorized based on months.

Files section All files saved in Save Message in any format are displayed in this section.

Links represent the links sent to this section.

audio is a dedicated environment for displaying music, podcasts, and all audio files.

And finally, voice messages to display voice messages and video messages.

All of these sections are broken down by month, which is very efficient so that if you do not find the message sent to the saved message, you can easily find it by knowing the type of message as well as the time it takes to save it.

Save Message is a completely personal space for everyone in Telegram because only the person has access to it, you can even put your notes in this section and use it more.

Another advantage of Telegram Message Save can be mentioned that if you saw an article in a channel or a group and you wanted to read it and you did not have the time to do so at that moment, by saving it in Save Message, you can act at the right time. To read it, it is usually placed in many content channels and groups. However, in this section in Telegram, there is no need to refer to the desired channel or group and search for the message that we intended to read or watch.

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