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Secret Telegram Chat- Telegram has millions of users around the world, most of whom spend time chatting and chatting on this messenger every day. Telegram’s unique capabilities have led to membership from different countries in this messenger. Features that make Telegram popular among its users and also create a good global ranking compared to other messengers.

Most Telegram users use it to chat with friends, family, and members of the groups they belong to. Chatting in the telegram space is very enjoyable with the features it has given us, these features include the use of emojis and stickers to better show and convey emotions in chat as well as gifs; Existence of video messages as well as Weiss messages that make it possible for us to communicate through video and audio.

In addition to the stated interesting features of Telegram chat, it is possible to create a secret chat.

What is the secret of Telegram chat? And what facilities does it provide to Telegram users?

Secret chat is very different from regular chat in Telegram. In fact, the secret of chat is a page of chat that has a very high level of security compared to normal chat, and it is the time when we need to have a secret and super-secure conversation. It is the secret features of chat that make it different from regular chat in Telegram.

Secrets of Telegram Chat:

. Specify a screenshot: If either party takes a screenshot of the chat page while using Secret Chat, the other party will be notified, because taking a screenshot of the chat page is marked with the phrase Took a ScreenShot. And the other person is informed. This is one of the unique secret chat features of Telegram, which shows the security in a secret chat.

. Disabled message forwarding feature: None of the chat parties can forward another message during the conversation, this hidden chat feature is built in to prevent messages from being forwarded. The inability to forward the message is a prominent feature of secret chat, which is very noticeable and distinguishes it from regular chat.

Ability to automatically delete chat: This feature means that you can create a smart and automatic delete mode for your messages sent in secret chat, in other words, you can change the Telegram chat settings in certain situations. Set to, for example, delete messages and chats completely intelligently after one minute. Self-Destruct settings are applied to a device that is applied to both devices simultaneously.

. Unable to sync with other devices associated with the account: One of the unique features of Secret Chat is that it does not allow interaction and display of chats on devices connected to an account, for example when a secret chat from You create it through the phone, it is not possible to run it through the desktop version of the same account, and if you open the desktop version, the chat will not be displayed. The existence of this feature in secret chat indicates the very high security of free chat in Telegram.

. Encrypt media files: In a secret chat, like regular Telegram chat, it is possible to send photos, views, and videos, but the information received to upload and send files through a secret chat is encrypted head-to-head. Therefore, no interface device will be able to identify the type and nature of media files.

. Global encryption capability: This secret chat feature means that all messages sent by a person are created with special codes and that only the device that sends and receives the message will be able to recognize and use it. No one else will be able to access messages exchanged between the device on both sides of the chat that have been encrypted globally. In fact, Telegram servers will not understand the nature of the messages created and it is not possible to view users’ messages in any way. From these explanations, we understand that secret chat is the safest type of chat that can not be heard under any circumstances and can not be accessed by others.

If you want to create a secret telegram chat on Android, follow the steps below.

There are two ways to create a secret chat in Telegram.

The first way

1_ Log in to Telegram Messenger and then touch the three-line icon at the top of the chat screen.

2_ The option can be seen in the New Secret Chat list. By touching this option, it is possible to create a secret chat.

3_ After selecting New Secret Chat, select the user you want from your contact list.

4_ A chat page is created to start a secret chat, which can be started by sending a message.

The second way

1_ Log in to Telegram Messenger and select the person you want to chat with, if it is not in the chat list, enter his chat page through the contact list.

2_ After entering the chat page, touch the person’s name.

3_ Then from the screen that is displayed, hit the three-dot icon and select the Start Secret Chat option.

4_ And finally touch the start option.

Having a secret chat feature allows Telegram users to experience a secure chat with other Telegram users when needed. This type of chat is sometimes needed, for example, when we want to share confidential business information with another person, so the existence of a secret chat can create the conditions for a super-secure chat in the telegram platform.

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