shared media in Telegram

shared media in Telegram- Telegram is a universal messenger that has a wide variety of capabilities and is used by the users of this messenger.

The existence of the capabilities and facilities of Telegram has enabled people to have useful uses of Telegram.

Since the introduction of the Telegram messenger until today, millions of people from all over the world have become members of Telegram, which shows the popularity of this messenger in the world. It also ranks well compared to other messengers in the telegram world.

The existence of Telegram capabilities has made active users prefer this messenger to other messengers. Telegram company adds new features to Telegram messenger in the provided updates, the existence of these features makes using Telegram easier and more enjoyable.

The users of this messenger in Telegram can do different things, for example, people only use chat and visit Telegram channels and groups, some use Telegram to grow their business, and some use admin. Are groups and channels that are responsible for providing their content.

Chatting is the main focus of activity in messengers, especially Telegram. Telegram has unique capabilities in its chat that provide the conditions for an easy chat. Features such as video messaging and voice messaging that are very useful, the ability to send gifs and stickers through which you can convey your feelings, the ability to send a variety of files in Telegram chat, etc., which are all efficient chat capabilities They are in the telegram.

Many Telegram users share while chatting with another user or chatting in groups, files, photos, and music, etc. with other Telegram users. Sometimes someone may have sent us a file a long time ago and that file is what we need, but how do we find that file easily and without the need for a search? Or it may even be that music has been sent in a group, and when we enter a group we encounter a multitude of messages that find that music among those messages is hard work and time-consuming.

Telegram has put a feature in chat or in groups and channels called shared media that people can refer to this section for all types of content including media, links, voice messages and video messages and files that send or receive Have been seen separately.

To access shared media in Telegram, the following steps must be followed:

1_ Log in to your Telegram messenger.

2_ After entering Telegram, go to the chat, group, or channel that you want to refer to shared media.

3_ After entering it, touch the name of the person, group or channel to be transferred to the new page where shared media is located, if it is a group, the name of the shared media members can be seen at the bottom.

In the shared media section, there are the following options:

media: In the media option in shared media, all the photos, as well as the videos sent in the chat, group, or channel, are placed, if you are in the photo or video channel, you should look for it in this section. In this section, you can find the item you are looking for by the day of the month.

files: The files option is the location of the files sent or received. Any file you submit can be easily found from it.

links: The links option indicates the placed links, if the link is forwarded from the channel, touching it will refer you to the opposite channel.

audio: In this section, all the submitted music is placed, if you are looking to find music in your chat, if you know the name of the desired singer, you can easily find it in this way.

voice messages: In this section, all voice messages and video messages are placed.

gifs: There are all the gifs sent in the chat in the section.

Some tips about shared media in Telegram:

shared media helps Telegram users easily find what they are looking for in a chat, group, or channel.

In shared media, Telegram groups are preceded by members, and the list represents the members of the group.

All files, media music, etc. in shared media are separated by a day of the month and year, for example, if you are looking for a file that was sent or received two months ago, it can also be based on time. He searched for them.

When you open the media, in shared media you can view that photo or video where it is on the chat page or save it in the gallery by selecting the three-dot icon at the top of the page, then We see two options show in chat and save to gallery, show in chat to show video and photo in chat and save to gallery to save photo and video.

It is possible to forward all files, links, and media contained in shared media, which can be found when we forward the item we were looking for to our save message.

The shared media feature in Telegram, like other Telegram features in chats, groups, or channels, is widely used by people. The existence of such capabilities in Telegram causes Telegram users to use this message because the existence of its facilities makes it easier for them to send messages.

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