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Telegram Admin- Most of us are familiar with Telegram Messenger and we have an account in it and we use it during the day to communicate with other people as well as use other features available in Telegram.

Among the very useful features of the Telegram application, we can mention groups, supergroups, as well as channels in which all Telegram users are members.

Channels and groups are created with different goals and content, such as educational content, family groups, chat and entertainment, and the introduction and promotion of businesses, services, and products, all of which can be done in the Telegram channel and group, of course, the Telegram channel. It has only one-way communication capability and can be used for special occasions, on the contrary, it is possible to send messages to all its members in groups.

If you have created a channel or group (supergroup) in Telegram, you are its administrator and the task of managing and controlling it is on you and those you have chosen for this purpose. The word admin is a very useful word in the virtual world, web, and computer, and is used for people who have the task of managing a website, channel, or group in Telegram.

Who are the admins and what are their duties?

The development and expansion of messengers and social networks and their ubiquity led to the creation of a position as an administrator, which stands for Administrator, which over time has become the word admin. Generally, there are people or people who have the task of managing and controlling members and producing content, as well as responding to users.

Admins in Telegram channels and groups have a duty to do activities to increase value and credibility as well as the progress and growth of membership.

Publish several posts per channel or group daily, which must be consistent with the content produced for a specific topic to make that channel or group unique.

Ideation about the content produced and related to the topic of the channel or group, which can be in the field of education, business, and any other topic and purpose. Produced content should not be just textual content and it is better to be creative in the production of content and also produce content in the form of video and video content. To do this, the admin must learn how to work with applications and software that are used to produce a variety of content.

Telegram admin must be fully acquainted with the features and capabilities of Telegram to be able to use them for better efficiency to upgrade and improve the channel.

The admin should also be familiar with the operation and features of Telegram robots that can be used to better manage their channel or group or have designed a dedicated robot for their group, which distinguishes it from Other groups.

If a channel or group has multiple admins, it should be divided into tasks and the job description of each should be specified, this will make it possible to manage one better.

Administrators should set rules for the group and channel and communicate them to members, the existence of rules can help better manage as well as control the behavior of members and make things easier for the admin. Rules such as the time period for sending a message to the group, the framework of messages sent to the group by members that are not outside the content of the group.

For this, a channel should be different in terms of content and encourage members to visit the channel. In addition to producing content that is appropriate and creative to the theme of the group or channel, copying the content of other channels and groups should be avoided.

Copying content from other channels gives members the feeling that new and informative content is not included in this channel and ultimately leads to fewer visits to the channel.

Telegram channel admins have many solutions for professional and creative management of Telegram channel that can be used by them in order to create value as well as attract malicious people. Following this issue, the following items can be used.

Mentally connect with your channel audience. In fact, you can use the method of the audience itself. Put yourself in the audience’s shoes and try to produce and publish all the questions that come to him, as well as the content that he likes to see.

When producing content for the channel, quality photos must be used. Photos are very important for the content, and if you use a special style to select the photo and place the photo on your channel, it will attract the audience and visit the channel more.

Another solution that can be used to add value to your channel is to publish audio files as well as podcasts, which are very popular among people today. Inserting audio content can eventually engage the audience. For example, people who listen to podcasts on the channel may send them to friends and relatives, which encourages them to subscribe to the Telegram channel.

Telegram admin, both in the group and in the channel, has a lot of capabilities and access to make changes in the group. Such as restricting the access of other admins of that channel, changing the photo, name, and description of the channel, access to view the recent activities of members, searching among members, as well as Blacklist, which is needed for better management.

The Telegram channel admin, as well as the Telegram group admin and supergroup, have almost identical tasks, which are explained separately for their permissions and capabilities.

Features and capabilities of Telegram channel admin:

As everyone knows, the Telegram channel is a one-way way to connect with the audience where there is no limit to the number of member users. After creating the Telegram channel, which is accessible through the main menu of Telegram, only the admin or its creator can make changes to it. Each Telegram channel admin has access to which it is only active.

Ability to change channel image name and description: This feature, which is channel info, is only for active admins who can make these changes whenever they want. If the admin wants to apply these changes, he must enter the channel and touch the channel name, here select the edit icon and enter the changes page, where you can customize the name, photo, and description of the channel to your liking. He changed his mind.

If you want to change your channel type from public to private channel, or vice versa, you need to change this from the channel type section.

Ability to add Discuss group to Telegram channel: If you are the admin or owner of a Telegram channel, you can consider a communication space for your channel members, with this feature you can add a group to your channel. Your channel users can chat in this group and act like normal groups.

Sign Messages feature Another feature that is available to manage the Telegram channel is the Sign Messages feature. By activating this option, the names of all channel admins will be attached to their sent messages. This can tell other users which admin posted which channel. This possibility can be helpful in managing the Telegram channel.

Administrators section: Managing channel admins as well as determining the authority of each admin from this section can be done. From this section, you can add new admins to the channel with specified permissions or tasks. When you select a new person to become the channel admin, the authorization page is displayed.

Ability to add members: subscribers is a section that displays the list of users in the Telegram channel. If the channel admin wants to add a person or persons to his channel, he must subscribe through the add subscriber option. Also, if the admin wants to search for a specific person in the annals, he can use the subscriber’s search section to do so.

Removed users: Admin can remove people who do not want to be in the channel. This can be done from the Removed user’s section. When a user is logged out of the channel by the admin, they can never re-enter the channel through the group link, unless the admin does it himself.

Access to Recent actions features: Telegram admin has access to view all recent channel activities, which is possible through the Recent actions section. For example, they are able to see people entering and exiting, as well as people who have been removed from Remo, and …

Ability to mute messages sent to the channel: There is a ring icon on the chat page of a channel that is clicked to disable it, a slash is placed on it. In this case, when posting a new post, no notification will be sent to channel members about the new post.

Ability to delete a channel: The ability to delete a channel can only be done through its admin, for which purpose the delete channel option must be selected from the edit section.

Features and capabilities of Telegram Group Admin and Super Group:

Groups and supergroups, unlike telegram channels, provide two-way communication between users and admins. Telegram supergroups can have a maximum of two hundred thousand (200,000) members.

Ability to change the name, photo, and changes: The admin of a telegram group can change the name, photo, and description of the group to their liking.

Ability to change the type of group: the channel can be changed from the public group to the private group or vice versa in the same group in the same group. Being a selected group, if you select a public group, you can create your own link. If the group is a private group, the existing and active link can be canceled and a new link can be created by selecting the revoke option.

Access to members: Telegram admin can add new people to the group through the member’s section, it can be done with the add member option. It is possible to search among members through the search icon.

Add a new admin to the group: To add a new admin to the group, select the add admin option from the administrator’s section and admin the person you want.

Permissions section: From this section, the admin can specify the access level of members in the group and enable or disable their favorites. Accesses such as editing other people, sending messages and pinning messages, etc. are all determined from this section. By the time the Telegram group is created, the supergroup is active by default. As mentioned earlier, the supergroup can have up to 200,000 members, and the capabilities of this section can be used for better control.

Disable notification of messages sent to the group: In the group page of a group, it is possible not to send a message to inform the new message in the group by selecting the mute notifications option.

Delete and exit the group: If the admin intends to delete the group from the edit menu, touch the delete and leave group option, and this will delete the group completely.

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