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Telegram automatic download- Today, millions of people are members of the Telegram messenger. The features and capabilities of this messenger make it popular among its users. Features such as high speed and security, the ability to use multiple accounts at the same time in one version of Telegram, and the existence of Telegram channels, groups, and supergroups all indicate the usefulness of Telegram.

We are all members of channels or groups in Telegram where many messages, photos, videos as well as many audio and video messages are sent daily. Sometimes there are channels and groups in Telegram that we are a member of and for various reasons we do not have time to view the content. The issue here is that when we do not see a message that is a photo, video, etc., this message is not downloaded automatically.

Telegram is set to auto-download by default so that users can download videos, photos, and recorded audio without their consent. For example, if you are a member of a channel, when you open it, you will see that images, videos, GIFs, and recorded sounds are downloaded completely automatically.

There is a way to prevent automatic download in Telegram, from which you can disable automatic download. In the Telegram settings menu, there is an option through which the automatic download can be canceled.

When using Telegram, anyone may use mobile internet or Wi-Fi. Telegram has an automatic media download item for both modes, which you can delete whichever you do not want.

To disable the automatic download of Telegram in the Android operating system, the following steps must be followed:

1_ Open Telegram Messenger and enter the main menu of Telegram through the three-line icon at the top of the page.

2_ Select the settings option.

3_ After entering the settings menu, touch the Data & Storage option.

4_ In this section, you will see a section called Automatic media download, which is related to automatic settings. In this section, you can see three options, which include the following:

When using the mobile data option: This option is related to automatic download in a situation where the SIM card or mobile data internet is used. If this option is disabled, other files, photos, etc. via mobile internet will be automatically Will not be downloaded.

When connected to Wi-Fi option: This option is related to the situation where Wi-Fi internet is used, and by disabling this option, they will no longer be downloaded automatically via Wi-Fi media.

When roaming option: And this option is also related to when roaming internet is used for automatic download.

5_ And in the last step, uncheck the option that you do not want automatic download.

You can select any option you want, for example, if you want to change the status of automatic download when using the Internet SIM card, you must select the option When using mobile data.

To disable the automatic download of Telegram in the iOS operating system, the following steps must be followed:

1_ Log in to Telegram Messenger and enter its main menu.

2_ Touch the settings option.

3_ In this step, enter the Data and Storage option.

4_If you want to disable the automatic download of images, videos, files, and audio messages, you must disable the Auto-Download Media option that can be seen in the image above.

5_ By selecting any of the options Photos, Videos, and… you can manage the different sections in each.

The CELLULAR section shows the status of automatic download in terms of mobile internet usage, and Wi-Fi is for when you are connected to Wi-Fi internet.

For example, in the Photos section, there are four options in front of us.

Contacts: This option means automatically downloading photos in a personal message sent by your audience.

Other Private Chats: By activating this option, only photos sent by users in secret chat can be downloaded automatically.

Group Chat: This option indicates the automatic download of photos in groups.

Channels: And finally, this option is for the automatic download of photos in channels.

All four sections are enabled for mobile internet and Wi-Fi, and you can disable any option you do not want to download automatically.

How to disable automatic download of Telegram on a desktop computer:

In addition, for Android and iOS operating systems, the desktop version of Telegram can also be prevented from automatically downloading media, for this purpose, the following steps must be performed.

1_ Log in to Telegram Messenger, select the three-line icon, and then select the Setting option.

2_ Click on the Automatic media downloads setting option.

3_ In this step, you are faced with three options:

Automatic photo download

Automatic voice message download

Automatic GIF download

Each of which includes sections for Private Chats, Group, and channels, which are provided separately.

To disable automatic download, you must uncheck the options for each section.

According to the description, you can easily prevent the automatic download of media in Telegram through the stated ways, which can be done for all available versions of Telegram.

The ability to enable or disable media in Telegram allows users to make decisions about this, for some, it may be annoying to automatically download and want to download the files they want, In this case, this feature can be used.

Telegram users may even disable automatic downloading in Telegram to manage their internet usage and mobile memory.

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