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Telegram channel- Telegram Messenger has different capabilities and possibilities that have caused many users around the world to use this application. High security and speed, the ability to group chats in normal and supergroups, the ability to send different files, activation for Android and iOS operating systems, as well as the web version, and the ability to use multiple accounts simultaneously. Features of this application.

One of the most useful features of Telegram that we are all familiar with is the Telegram channel. The channel is a one-way communication with the audience and its users because only administrators have access to send content to all members and members can never send messages and content. Channels can have unlimited members and are not limited to telegram groups, and sometimes we see that the channels even have several million members.

The features of the channels include the following:

1_ Possibility of creating private and public channels

2_ The possibility of attracting members indefinitely

3_ Send all kinds of text, photos, videos, audio files

4- Introducing the channel and attracting new users through the ID or channel link, which is actually unique now.

5_ Channel management with the desired number of admins

6_ Possibility of forwarding messages inside the channel by members

7_Possibility to see the number of views of the content posted on the channel

8- Accessing the list of members and viewing the number of channel members, which is only visible to the admin.

9_ Do not show the message of membership or leaving the members in the channel in such a way that if someone is added to the channel or leaves it, no message will be displayed.

To build a channel in the Android operating system, the following steps are performed:

1_Enter Telegram Messenger and enter the main menu of Telegram through the 3-line icon.

2_ In the main menu, select the New Channel option that appears.

3_ After performing the previous step, you will see a page called New Channel where you can select a name and image for the channel, and if you wish, write the desired description for the channel in the Description section and activate the tick at the top of the page.

4_ In the next step, two options, Public Channel and Private Channel, are displayed, the first option is to create a public channel and the second option is to create a private channel.

5_ In this step, Telegram asks you to add people from your Contacts to the channel to start, and after selecting the people you are considering, check the top of the page, and the Telegram channel is created.

Build a Telegram channel in the iOS operating system

1_ To create a channel, enter the Telegram application and select the tab and font in the upper right corner of the page.

2_ Then select the New Channel option in the list that appears.

3_ In this step, you must enter the desired name for your channel on the page that exists and upload the photo you want for the channel profile, and then you can write a description about the channel in the Description section.

4_ In this section, you can select a private or public mode for your channel and click Next to go to the next step.

5_ In the last step, you can select your contacts and channel members from your contacts list.

Private or public mode for Telegram channel

As explained in the process of building the Telegram channel, you are faced with a part where you have to choose whether your channel is private or public.

Public Channel option: This option is for people who want their channel to be seen by the public and all Telegram users can become members of this channel. If you use this mode for your channel, all Telegram users can access it by searching for the channel name and become a member. You can also specify an address for the channel in the Link section and use it to introduce and invite the channel.

Private Channel option: Private channel is for people who want to have a secret and private channel and do not want Telegram users to access it by searching for their channel name. In this case, only through the link that Telegram itself gives us, new people and members can be entered into the channel, which, after selecting the private channel option, the link will be generated for you completely automatically.

If after creating the channel, you wanted to make changes such as changing the name, profile photo, text, and description in your channel, you can enter the changes section on the channel name on the main page of the channel. Then touch the 3 dot icon and select Edit. This way you can make the desired changes to the channel.

If you want to send the content of a channel to a person or in a group, just forward that message. To do this, select the desired message, which can be the text of a photo or video, which is displayed by selecting the Forward option, and the message can be sent to the person you want.

Mute notification alerts and posts on a channel

When you subscribe to a channel, a notification alert is heard to send and place any message in that sound. If you are a member of several channels, these sounds will bother you and may force you to delete that channel after a while. To solve this problem, you have to click on the Mute button in the relevant channel so that the message alert does not sound anymore.

Delete channel

This is easily done if you want to delete your channel. To do this, touch the channel profile and enter the Edit section. Click Delete Channel at the bottom of the page and the channel will be deleted completely.

If you sent a message in the channel by mistake or for any reason you want to delete one or more messages, pause for a few moments on the selected post and then select Delete or Delete Message from the menu that opens. This will delete the message completely and it will no longer be displayed to any user. If you want to delete multiple messages at once, select them at once and go through the previous steps.

Build a telegram channel from a computer

1_ The first step to create a channel in the computer version is to click on the search bar write an icon.

2_ In the next step, specify Channel Name, Photo, and Description.

3_ Your channel will be created by clicking on Create.

4_ In this section, determine whether your channel is public or private, and in the Link section, specify a specific ID for the channel and save it.

5_ In the last step, you can add your audience to the channel or click on Skip to skip this section.

When you want to add new people from your contact list to the channel, enter the channel and click the three-point icon at the top of the page and select Change info. Then tap Add member from the existing page and select the people you want to enter from the contacts list.

Sometimes you want to delete users from your channel for any reason so that they no longer have access to the channel, for this purpose enter Change info and from the Members section then hold your finger on the name to delete the user. And we pause for a few seconds until Remove from channel appears. With this action, the user is removed from the channel.

One of the features of the Telegram channel is its members, which is an important factor. The more members of the channel, the greater its value and credibility according to the number of users. In order to create an attractive channel to encourage people to join, read the content, and visit its posts, some points should be considered.

The channel must be public because public channels are visible to all Telegram users and it is also possible to search for it.

The name that is chosen for the channel is one of the first important topics in creating a channel and should be appropriate to the topic and content of the channel. Relate to the tutorials and information on the channel.

The content that goes into the channel is very important and it is the content that determines the user to visit a channel. The produced content must be new, up-to-date, and in accordance with the needs of the members of that channel, and the tastes of the members must be included in it, which requires the attention and attention of the channel managers, which can be understood through post-analysis.

The type of content produced should be appropriate to the topic chosen for the channel. Paying attention to this issue can cause the user to visit the channel regularly and share the channel content with other people or even invite his friends to join the channel.

The number of posts and in fact the production content that is placed in the channel on a daily basis is very important. Choosing the right number of posts and the balance in it can be attractive for members. If the number of content produced is too small or even too large, it may cause members to leave the channel.

If the subject is a specialized channel, the production content must also be specialized, which requires great care and attention in content production, and doing this is necessary for the development of the channel. Specialized content must be up-to-date and use credible domestic and foreign sources to produce it.

If the channel content is not specialized, create at least a few contents specific to your channel daily to become part of the specialized and unique channel content. This will allow members to visit the channel and avoid duplicate content.

Publishing duplicate content causes members to leave the channel, people are looking for new and different content, not the content that is on most channels.

There should be a way to communicate with channel members so that members can communicate with channel managers. The advantages of having a way of communication between members and channel admins who can send you content and content in the production of channel content, in addition to the criticisms and suggestions of members can be used to improve the channel and improve it. Finally, the communication channels of the members with the channel create a sense of trust in the members.

Put a user at the bottom of the content on the channel. When members send a message from the channel to other Telegram users, they can enter the channel through this user, which can lead to this over time. Increase channel members.

The semi-selectable user for the channel should be attractive and short in order to attract the audience’s attention and make them remember it. Choosing the right half-user can be effective in attracting new members to the channel, for example, when a message from the channel is forwarded to a group or channel, the attractive half-user causes people to visit the channel who may eventually join the channel.

Be sure to explain the content and purpose of the channel in the DESCRIPTION section of the channel, so that members can get to know the channel quickly.

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