Telegram notification

Telegram notification

Telegram notification- Telegram Messenger is a popular and popular messenger with millions of users from different countries of the world, which has provided various features and capabilities to its users. Since the introduction of Telegram, many features have been added to it, all of which have been significant for improving the way Telegram is used.

Telegram is a global messenger that ranks very well among other messengers. One of the most important features of Telegram is the updates provided by Telegram for Telegram users, which can be downloaded and implemented.

As mentioned, since the introduction of Telegram until today, many features have been added to it, for example, the ability to create secret chats, the ability to create multiple accounts on one version of Telegram, the ability to create groups and channels, and many capabilities that All Telegram users are aware of them and use them.

Everyone who has an account in Telegram is undoubtedly a member of Telegram channels and groups or chats with different people such as their friends and acquaintances.

But there is one thing about conversations and the Telegram channel and group, and that is the notification of the messages that are sent to us. If we are a member of many groups and channels and also chat with different people on Telegram, the sound of notifications will undoubtedly be annoying for us.

What is the solution to this problem? How to disable incoming notifications?

To do this, Telegram has created a section through which notifications and sounds can be managed. This section of the telegram, called notifications and sounds, has separate sections for incoming notifications.

To manage Telegram notification, the following steps must be followed:

1_ In the first step, enter the Telegram messenger.

2_ After entering the telegram, refer to its main menu.

3_ Then go to settings through the main menu.

4_ In the settings menu of the first item, the notifications, and sounds option is displayed with the alarm icon and which is the section we want.

5_ By entering this section, we will encounter our telegram notification settings, which are as follows.

. show notifications for At the bottom of this section is the title of all accounts, which indicates that this section is for notification of messages to accounts. This means that when this section is turned on, notification of accounts will be received. As explained, if you only want to receive notifications from the account you are currently using, turn this off. This description is related to the accounts you use.

. notifications for chats: As it turns out, this section is about chat notifications. Which is displayed with three titles: private chats, groups, channels.

1. private chats: This section is for private chat notifications, which means that by disabling this section, you will no longer find any notifications related to personal messages.

Touch the private chats option to enter a new page, at the top of the page there is a notification for the private chats option that can be turned on and off.

At the bottom of this page, we see the title of the settings.

message preview is the first part of the settings, which is related to the message preview, in such a way that when this section is turned on, the received message is displayed to us, otherwise, it was disabled, it is no preview of the chat It will not be shown to us and will only be displayed as a message.

The next item is led color, which can be changed and set.

The next option in the settings menu is vibrated, which can change the settings related to phone vibration. Entering the vibrate section, we are faced with a pop-up page that includes five options. The first is disabled, which means that the vibration section is inactive. The next item is the default, which means that the vibrate mode is previewed, and then there are three options: short, long, only if silent, which means short vibration when receiving the message notification. long means longer vibration than short, and finally only if silent for when your phone is in silent mode and you find your message notification with vibrate.

The next section in the Telegram chat settings is popup notifications. By entering this section, four options are offered, no popup, only when the screen on, only when the screen off, always show popup

no popup is for when we do not want the pop-up window to be displayed when receiving the message.

only when the screen on This option means to display the pop-up when the mobile screen is on.

only when the screen off and as in the previous description, this option is for when the screen is off.

Finally, the always show popup option means to show pop in any case and no longer has a special filter.

The next section in the settings menu of personal chats is the sound option, which by entering this section, all the sounds that we can receive for the notification of our phone are displayed, but if we do not change it, it is the default mode.

And in the last section of the settings menu, there is an important option, which refers to the importance of the section of the private chat.

From the four options low, medium, high, urgent, you can choose the option you want.

In the last part of private chat notifications, there is an add an exceptional option. In fact, this section is built in so that when the notification of personal messages is enabled, an exception can be made and people who do not want to receive notification of their message can be included in this section.

To do this, just enter the add an exception option to enter the chat selection step and select it to not show notifications. If you have made such changes and want to delete them, you can use the delete all exceptions option to remove the exceptions.

2. The next section groups in notifications for chats. This section is for notification settings for receiving group messages, the settings of which are very similar to personal chats. Touch this option to enter the chat notification settings page.

notifications for groups: This section is for turning on or off receiving group notifications if it is on you will receive notifications related to group messages and if it is of no group notifications You do not receive messages for messages.

The next section deals with the main group notification settings.

The first part of the settings in the message preview option, which is about previewing messages received from the group. If the message preview is on when someone in the group we are a member of sends a message, we can see a preview of their message, otherwise, all notifications received from the messages will be displayed as a message when this section is off. Is given and no preview of the message text is displayed.

led color is a part that can be changed to any color you like so that when the message arrives, the color of the phone’s LED will be the same as the selected color.

vibrate is the next title in the group notification settings. By entering this section, you can see the options disabled, default, and short, long, only if silent. This section is on the default option by default and other options can be used.

The short option for short vibration is the time of receiving the message notification in the groups, long means longer vibration when receiving the message notification of the groups and only if silent to vibrate the mobile when receiving the notification of the telegram groups message.

The next part is the popup notifications settings, this is a kind of notification that appears on the screen when a message is received by creating a window. How it works is that whenever a contact sends a message to you in a group and personal message, a pop-up window is created on the screen of your mobile phone, where it is possible to respond to that message through that pop-up window, and so on. No need to refer to Telegram Messenger.

Options for this section include no popup, only when the screen on, only when the screen off, and always show the popup.

The no popup option is for when we do not want to receive pop-up notifications. only when the screen on This option is for when the phone screen is on, and selecting this option can only receive notifications related to pop-up groups at the specified time. only when screen off is related to the time off-screen.

The next item in the group notification settings is the sound option to select the message announcement voice for the groups, which by default is on a specific option and you can select the desired sounds.

The importance is the part that deals with the importance of group notifications and includes four options: low, medium, high, urgent, which is urgent by default. You can change this option to other items depending on your opinion.

And in the last part of the group notification settings, there is an add an exception that if the notification of Telegram group messages is clear to you, you can use this part for groups that do not want to receive notifications; To do this, just touch the add an exception option and then you will see all the groups you are a member of will be shown. Select the group you want from among them.

3. The last section of channels is in notifications for chats. On the same page, notifications and sounds, the notifications for chats section, through the bar facing the title channels, the notifications of the channels can be generally turned on and off. The settings of this section are quite similar to private chats and telegram groups, which are as follows.

notifications for channels: This section is located in both notifications for chats and in the group notification settings page.

In the settings of the message preview section, it is necessary to preview the notifications received from the channels, which, when turned on, will show us all the notifications of the channels in which we are a member.

The next item in the notification settings of Telegram channels is Red color, and the desired color can be selected from the provided colors so that when receiving the channel message, the LED color of the phone will be the same as the selected color.

vibrate is the next part in the notification settings of Telegram channels. Selecting this section will open the pop-up page were disabled, default, and short long, only if silent will appear.

disabled is for disabling the vibration of telegram channels. The next default is that this section is enabled by default on this option. short and long is the vibrate mode for the amount of vibration length.

And in the last part, it is only if silent, which is for when the mobile is silent and the notification of telegram channels is notified in this way.

Finally, there is the importance option, which refers to the importance of telegram channel notifications. low, medium, high, urgent are the options provided in this section.

The point about group notification settings is that, like group notification settings and private chats, there are no popup notifications in this section because in a channel only the admin and its creator can send messages and one-way communication. It is not possible to reply to messages received from groups.

And at the end of the section is an additional exception. This section is to mute channels from which we do not want to receive notifications. To do this, just touch the add an exception to show us the channels we are a member of, then select the channels you want to mute.

. calls: This section, as its name implies, is related to call notifications in Telegram, this section offers two options, vibrate and ringtone.

If you select the vibrate option, the five options disabled, default, short and long, only if silent are displayed through the pop-up screen, which is in the default mode and can be set to the desired mode as desired.

The next option, ringtone, displays sounds and sounds from which you can select the desired option.

. badge counter: This section is located in notifications and sounds that are not displayed for unsolicited messages. In fact, the number on the Telegram application icon indicates the number of unread messages of this messenger. This feature that allows you to display the number on the telegram icon is called a badge counter.

Three options are provided for this section, which includes enabled, include muted chats, and count unread messages.

The enabled option is to activate this section when it is active the numbers of unread messages are shown and otherwise the numbers are not displayed.

include muted chats This option is for displaying or displaying the number of messages sent in silent chats, which if this option is enabled, the number of messages from these silent chats will be added to other messages.

count unread messages: To count unread messages that can be enabled or disabled.

. in-app notifications: This section of notifications and sounds is related to in-app notifications, which includes various options.

in-app sounds: This option is for voice alerts for incoming messages when using Telegram, which can be enabled or disabled.

in-app vibrate: As the title of this option indicates, it is for vibrating alert when receiving a message in Telegram, which is visible when using and running Telegram, and can be activated or deactivated.

In-App Preview: The In-App Preview option means previewing new messages when using Telegram.

If you enable this option while you are in the Telegram section and receive a new message, in addition to receiving notifications in the notification bar, part of the text of the new message will be visible from the same notifications menu without having to enter that chat.

In-Chat Sounds: This option is to provide different sounds in chat. For example, the sound that is heard by the user after sending a message in the chat, which can be activated or deactivated.

importance: This option is to determine the importance of such notifications.

. events: events are part of the notifications and sound settings, which includes two options.

Contact joined Telegram: If this option is disabled, no notification will be sent to you if one of your contacts becomes a member of Telegram. It has happened to most Telegram users that they have received the Contact joined Telegram message in Telegram.

Pinned Messages: When this option is disabled, you will not receive a notification if a message is pinned.

. other: The other section of notifications and sounds consists of three options.

keep-alive service, background connection, Repeat Notifications

keep-alive service:

background connection:

Repeat Notifications: This option is based on the clock, it can be set that after 1 hour from the time of sending the notification, the previous notification will be sent to you again. This section can also be effective for Telegram users.

And in the last part of notifications and sounds, there is an option to reset all notifications, through which you can reset notifications. This capability helps us to do this easily if we want to restore notifications to their original state.

The explanations provided in connection with the Telegram notification can prompt all Telegram users to make the necessary changes to the notifications section. Having this feature helps us to manage incoming notifications. For example, if a person wants to be a member of many channels and groups, he will definitely encounter a lot of messages in these groups and channels and will constantly hear the notification sound of incoming messages. Using these settings, you can easily manage message notifications to your liking.

Telegram notification settings are delicately separated, which indicates that Telegram has provided good facilities for its users.

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