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Telegram registration- Telegram Messenger is one of the most popular messengers in the world, which is very useful with more than 200 million users and active installation. This software has a very high speed in data transfer and also consumes a very small volume of your traffic.

This messenger is one of the most secure applications for Android users. In this way, you can specify that in a certain period of time all the stored memory of your chats and chat groups will be erased from the server and the system itself will do this automatically from time to time.

Features of Telegram include fast and accurate messaging, the ability to group chat in Telegram groups, the ability to create encrypted chats, create a secure network for conversation, ensure that you are safe from hackers, and have multiple at the same time Account pointed out. Lack of video call or unsuitable voice call of this software is one of the bugs and defects of this application, which is a negative point compared to other messengers, but the features and security of Telegram have made this issue less.

Features and facilities of Telegram Features and facilities of Telegram include the following:

1. This messenger is completely free, unlike some messengers that you have to pay for after a while to use.

2. Store all chats in the cloud servers of this application for easy access with other devices

3. Can be used for Android and iOS operating systems as well as the web version

4. Having several active accounts in Telegram at the same time

5. Ability to start a group chat in the form of groups and supergroups and create a channel

6. Ability to send photos, videos, and files up to 1 GB

7. High speed and significant security of this application

Telegram registration steps

1. To register at the beginning, you must download this application from the app store link for ios and from the google play link for Android or through the official Telegram site for other operating systems such as Windows, Linux, and Macintosh for free and start using.

2. After downloading and installing the messenger, enter the program and touch the start messaging option.

3. In your phone section, enter the contact number with which you want to activate your account and specify your country code.

4. Wait for your account activation code to be sent via SMS. The SMS will be sent after a maximum of one minute. If you do not find the activation code SMS, after two minutes, Telegram will automatically call you and announce the code by voice. Also, if you entered the number incorrectly or you want to change it, the phrase? Touch Wrong Number.

If your SIM card is in the same system or mobile phone where you want to install Telegram when receiving the SMS, this application will recognize it completely intelligently and the code will be entered automatically and you will pass this step. Otherwise, after receiving the SMS manually, you activate it. After performing the previous step, if you have already created an account with the same number in Telegram, you will automatically enter your chat page. Until this stage, Telegram registration will be completed.

When we enter the main page of the software, we see different sections, for example:

The three-line icon in the upper left corner represents the main menu of the software, through which you can access the list of contacts, your other accounts, the option to create a new group or channel, saved messages, settings, and your profile.

Also, the icon at the bottom of the page is for creating messages for creating channels and groups, adding accounts to the list of contacts, and so on.

The magnifying glass icon at the top right of the page is for searching the contact list and finding people whose mobile number you do not have and who you are communicating with via username.

To access your profile in order to put a photo in the profile or write a bio, go to the main menu and enter the settings section. At the top of your account page, you will see your number, username, and bio. To put a photo in your profile, you must specify a method for selecting a photo from the icon to the right of your account, and if you want to delete a photo from your profile, select the remove photo option.

If you want to have your own username in the Telegram registration process, you must enter the main menu and select the Username option from the Settings section. Create a username that has not been registered yet by combining numbers and English letters, then check the top of the page. Touch to register.

To log out of the account or change the name of your account, you must enter the three dots at the top right corner of the page and select the logout and edit name options. By logging out of your account, your account will remain and you can log in to your account again whenever you want, and you do not need to re-register Telegram.

The important point in Telegram registration is that in case of repeatedly entering the Telegram login code incorrectly, the mobile number will be blacklisted and blocked. This messenger limits its users in two ways:

Temporary blocking of the user, which usually takes place after 24 hours or more.

Permanent blocking of this type is a restriction for users who have created an account with virtual numbers.

This messenger in your new updates adds various capabilities that you can do when the application needs to be updated to take advantage of its many features.

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