Telegram Robot

Telegram Robot

Today, Telegram Messenger is an application among its users. It is the features and capabilities of Telegram that make it different from other messengers. Speed, security, and capabilities such as the possibility of creating a channel, group, using multiple user accounts, the existence of the Android version, iOS as well as the desktop version, etc. have attracted millions of users for Telegram.

One of the capabilities of this messenger is the Telegram robot.

What is Telegram Robots?

Robots are actually Telegram user accounts that operate automatically and intelligently through software. A robot is a powerful tool that is very efficient. In other words, each robot is considered a telegram user that is designed for a specific topic and purpose. These robots use artificial intelligence through which they perform their activities.

Like an account, the robot has the ability to establish two-way communication with other users and responds to users whenever it receives messages and various commands. They also have capabilities such as searching, training, playing music, creating social services, sending commands to the Internet of Things, communicating, and creating peripherals.

Different commands can be specified in the robot and specific answers can be specified for these commands. Access to robots is very easy for users because it is located on Telegram. The existence of a robot can cause it to respond to users’ requests and questions at any time, without the need for the presence of human resources.

As mentioned, the robot acts as an account in Telegram, but what are the main differences between the robot and Telegram users?

1_At the end of the username of all bots, there is the word bot.

2_ They are never disabled or offline.

3_Bots, unlike user accounts, do not display the last time they were online.

4. A robot can never start a conversation in Telegram, only when the message is sent to the robot through the user, it is possible for the robot to respond.

5_The robot has limited space to store information and older messages are deleted by the account after processing.

Robots, like user accounts, do not need a contact number to activate. They are code that runs through a user interface on the server. Telegram manages them in its encrypted MTProto protocol, and how the robots work is not visible to users.

Applications of Telegram Robot

At present, there are robots with different topics such as games, entertainment, sports, education, and to communicate, etc., and provide services to Telegram users. These are things that robots can do even without programming. But some robots that are more complex can do different and more advanced tasks such as designing and building a game for one or more people, creating social services, creating peripherals and communicating with other services and messengers and even sending commands. To IoT or the Internet of Things.

How robots work and are used depends on the algorithms as well as the creative and innovative things that are set out in their construction.

Practical tools: Robots can be designed with any functionality and used for various topics such as managing Telegram channels and groups. Meteorological information, daily news, and entertainment are examples of the use of robots in Telegram.

Communication with web services: Robots can help optimize and shorten activities, as well as speed things up, for example, when new information is sent to the site, it receives it directly in the telegram or emails. Transferred to Telegram account.

Making simple mind games: The way users communicate with the robot is through the API, which provides the ability to quickly analyze users’ responses and send appropriate responses to them. This feature creates the conditions for designing and running different games.

Business Introduction: Robots can introduce businesses to a wide range of users. Also, it is possible to send different types of services or goods to the audience in categories or in different categories, and provide the audience with the possibility of searching for goods and the possibility of registering an order.

Robots have access to user information like a normal user, and they can never access information such as photos in the gallery, passwords. The new Telegram bots also have a more limited level of access than before. When they join a group, only system messages such as members logging in and messages with / or messages sent with @ specifically for bots are seen. By referring to the list of members in the Telegram groups, the access level of the robot is written next to it.

One of the most important uses of robots is to be added to the group to better manage the group and to perform its main task in communication and chat, including news, search and things like that, properly. When we import a robot into a telegram group, it does not receive all the group messages, which means that it has disobeyed the Privacy Mode rules.

The robot, coded and executed in the form of Privacy, will not receive all the messages of the group and will only receive messages that have the following features:

All messages that contain the robot name via the @ character.

Messages that have been replied to in response to robot messages.

All messages that start with a slash – “/” -.

The system helps designers avoid millions of extra processes. Activated by default but can be

Disable. In fact, the robot monitors all the messages exchanged to extract and process possible commands from them.

According to official information published by Telegram, robots are divided into two categories:

The first category is robots that when added to a group are not able to view messages and content sent in the group and can only be seen by users through direct command, and it is possible to respond.

The second category is robots that join a group as a user and all the information and messages sent in the group are visible to them. This issue is stated at the bottom of the robot name in the list of members, and of course, these conditions can be changed, if the access or non-access to messages and content in the group is changed, a system message will not be displayed in the group.

What are the benefits of robots for their creators?

Robots are generally free, but they can be used as a source of revenue, which makes robots even more important. Robots can be used to sell goods or services. Here, the robot is used for a specific robot to introduce and inform the sale of goods, in fact, information is sent by them to customers. They can also be used for advertising, as a result of which it can be said that robots have the ability to generate revenue.

Basic concepts of the robot

Update, object, and method are the three basic concepts of robots that are useful to know.

Update in the robot: to every message and content that is sent to you by Telegram users and every message that comes in the common groups of the robot, as well as every key that users click on, and in fact, any online use that The robots did can be called updates.

Objects in the robot: According to the Telegram documents, you will realize that everything in Telegram is an object for you, like other users, all videos, messages, etc. are related to this topic. The object has complete information that can be referred to as the message and its date, the content of the text, the sender, and many other things.

The method in the robot: Telegram API methods are the part by which robots can do their work. For example, the SendMessage section is used to send messages and asks the person who intends to send the message where the message was sent as well as the text of the message to do so. Methods in bots also have the ability to accept other selected values, such as whether or not to show a link preview.

This question may be on the mind of every telegram user who uses robots, whether it is possible for robots to view and collect personal messages and provide them to the designer?

The answer to this question is no for two reasons. The robots’ limited memory is one of the reasons, all the messages that are processed and sent are deleted from the cloud memory in the server after a while, and Telegram claims that these messages never stay in the server.

In case of collecting information such as messages and phone numbers, etc., the robot designer does not have direct access to them and all the information is transferred to the intermediate server through the encrypted telegram protocol and is processed and stored there.

How to use robots

Sending various Telegram messages and commands and opening a chat window and adding it to different Telegram groups are ways to use the capabilities of robots. To use the robots and register to receive their services, write the name of the robot and before that put the @ sign and click the search mark and you will find the desired robot.

Telegram security, as well as things like robots, are not guaranteed, and Man In The Middle attacks will be able to decrypt and steal all Telegram communications. End To End encryption is only enabled in Secure Chat mode, and chat normally does not have this feature by default. In fact, Telegram normally does not differ much from regular messaging software unless Secure Chat is used.

In general, to maintain and increase the security of Telegram, like other social pages, do not receive suspicious files from unknown people. When receiving an infected file from anonymous people, your account security may be compromised.

When you want to see the specifications of a robot, use the help / or info/command on that robot page.

Robots are available to all Telegram users, which, as mentioned earlier, can be used in various fields. . Currently, various robots are active in Telegram, news and information robots, game robots, as well as chat and dating that can make people meet in cyberspace. If you are a group or channel admin or if you are a business owner, you can use robots to grow your business.

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