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Telegram Super Group- The groups in Telegram are a place for dialogue, interaction between people, expressing and sharing opinions in various fields, as well as training and increasing information, which can be used to develop communication between people.

There are two categories of telegram groups: the first category is ordinary telegram groups and the second category is Supergroup. The supergroup has more capabilities than regular groups, so it is recommended that you use these capabilities to improve your group.

The capabilities of supergroups include the following:

1_ The capacity of members in normal groups is up to 200 people and it is not possible to add members, but in supergroups, the finesse of members can be increased up to 200,000 people, and this number is very significant.

2- In supergroups, admins can be selected and accessed for more appropriate management. The more members there are, the more admins can be appointed for better group management and monitoring and control of members.

3_ Supergroups use an integrated history. In fact, you can delete your history and chats with other users whenever you want, so the messages that are deleted from the group will be completely deleted in the telegram of all users of the group. This feature does not exist in regular groups and you can only delete your chats.

4_ Pinning or pinning messages at the top of the group chat page is a special feature of the supergroup that can be used to pin important messages within the group.

If your telegram is updated to the latest version, by default the created group is a supergroup so there is no need to create a supergroup. Otherwise, follow the steps below.

To build a supergroup in the Android operating system, the following steps must be followed:

1_ Enter the Telegram application and select the group you want to turn into a supergroup, or if you do not have a group, you must click on the new group option and create a regular group.

2_ Enter the group settings and click Convert to Super Group. By doing this, the group becomes a supergroup in 2 stages. The noteworthy point in this part is that in order to build a supergroup, it must be done by the group manufacturer.

As it was said, if the latest Telegram update is downloaded and activated, the group is a super group by default, which also applies to iOS.

To build a supergroup on iOS, you need to follow these steps:

1_Enter the telegram messenger and select the desired group.

2_Then enter the group settings, touch the Edit option, and click the Convert to Super Group option, this will turn the group into a supergroup.

To delete a supergroup, just touch the desired group with your finger and wait for a few moments and now click on the Delete and exit option to delete the group.

If you want to select a person as the group admin, you can do this from the Add Administrator section, and if you want to delete the group admin, from the Administrators section, touch the name of the desired administrator for a few seconds and select the Remove option.

When you delete a member of the supergroup, that person will be added to the Blocked user’s list who is unable to re-enter the group. Touch the user for a few seconds and then select Unblock.

In telegram groups, the manner of etiquette and socializing with other members is an issue that should be considered, paying attention to this issue can cause peace of mind and create a sense of respect among users.

For this purpose, the following points can be considered:

When you are planning to form a group or manage a group, you need to have a framework and rules for the members of that group, this will make a group in order and based on the rules. In the meantime, the observance of the rules by the group manager is also very important because it obliges the members to comply with those rules.

When answering questions or when chatting with users, be sure to answer briefly and clearly, long answers may be tedious for members and discourage them from continuing the conversation.

The connection between the topic and the content of the group and the content that is placed in it is very important so that if you have a training group in line with its content if you do not do this, the group will lose its content. . But sometimes it is necessary to use different content to diversify the content, but this does not mean that the content framework of the group is lost.

Keep a balance in sending messages to the group, a group that has a lot of content and members are faced with a lot of messages when entering the group is dull and causes the content to pass unnoticed. A group that is not very active can be seen as a useless group by its members. Therefore, observing this point can be helpful for the growth and value of the group.

Sometimes people leave the group, the group administrator must consider that the person leaves the group as he wishes and does not try to re-enter that group. Because this can cause resentment and disrespect to his decision.

Respect for the privacy of individuals in the group is also an important point in management and activity, which in itself causes the value and legitimacy of a group. Dealing with addicts who do not respect the privacy of others and do not even behave properly in the group can be effective in managing the group.

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