Telegram Voice Messages

Telegram Voice Messages- Telegram is a global messenger through which many messages are sent and received daily. This messenger has millions of users around the world who spend time during the day telegram.

Since the introduction of Telegram until today, many changes have been made in it, which have been provided to users in various updates by Telegram Company, and it is possible to activate these added features and possibilities by updating Telegram itself.

The capabilities that have been created in the new updates in Telegram include the existence of video messages, save messages, the possibility of creating Telegram supergroups, which themselves have special capabilities.

The main application of Telegram is the ability to chat and chat with other Telegram users. Having Telegram chat facilities can provide a better space for us when chatting. Features such as stickers and gifs through which you can make the chat space more realistic and easily express your feelings in the chat. It is also possible to send file types in the chat through which you can share your desired photo or video file with others.

In addition, one of the unique features of Telegram is the ability to send video messages, which is pleasant for many Telegram users.

Another feature in the chat is the ability to send telegram voice messages, which is widely used. For example, we may be in a situation where it is not possible to type a message, in which case we can transmit our message via voice message.

But how to send a message in Telegram Voice? How to save voice messages? How can you cancel a voice recording?

To send a telegram voice message, you must follow the following steps:

1_ the First log in to Telegram Messenger.

2_ Then refer to the chat, group, or channel to which you want to send a voice message. Note that if you want to send a voice to a channel, you must be the administrator or creator of that channel.

3_ After entering the dialog box at the bottom of the page in the message typing section, there is a microphone icon that indicates the voice message capability.

If the icon is in the form of a camera, it represents the video message, which is changed to a voice message by touching it.

4_ To send a voice message, just hold your finger on the microphone icon, and then the voice recording process begins, and you have to say your word. Of course, Telegram has included a feature to lock voice mode that no longer requires holding a finger to record voice. You can remove your finger from the microphone icon by swiping your finger towards the lock icon.

5_ Finally, after saying your message, lift your finger from the microphone icon to send the recorded voice.

Voice messages can be easily sent to others according to the above steps.

What should you do if you stop sending a message while sending a voice message and something happens during the recording that you have to delete the message?

It is possible to cancel the message while recording the voice message. For example, you are recording a voice and someone unknowingly calls you or starts talking to you, so you should cancel this voice.

To delete a Telegram Voice Messages, simply swipe left on the microphone icon to record.

Another question that arises in relation to Telegram Voice Messages is how they can be stored or in which section they are stored.

When you listen to a voicemail in Telegram, this voicemail is automatically saved in your phone memory. But where are these waxes stored?

To access them you have to go to the internal memory of your phone, then go to the Telegram folder and then enter the Telegram Audio section. Telegram Voices are OGG files. OGG files are the same as Telegram Voice files. Touch one of them and you will see that Faya does not open. To open such files, you must use the application to access Telegram Weiss.

In the desktop version of Telegram, to save the voice message, you have to click on the voice you want, select the Save Voice Message As option from the window that opens, and save it. On a computer, like on a mobile phone, Telegram Voice files in OGG format do not open when clicked. In this case, you need to install a player program on your system to be able to open files in this format.

Voice messaging helps us to communicate better in Telegram so that instead of typing a message and sending it, we can use Voice messaging and create a more realistic relationship with others.

In groups and telegram channels, admins can send messages for better and more effective communication with their members so that members can become more familiar with the admin of the channel in which they are members. In Telegram friendly groups, this feature is also very useful and can be obtained through people who are in that group and are close to us.

For those who do not like to type, Telegram Voice Messages is very useful and can be used to convey messages instead of typing long messages.

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