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Telegram X is an official and messaging application belonging to Telegram Company, which uses Telegram servers to send and receive messages, and operates independently of the main Telegram application. In 2016, this application was known as Chalgram, which could only be used for the iOS operating system. In early 2018, an Android version was introduced and its name was changed to Telegram X, and now it is for Android. And iOS is used. This application was able to win first place in the Telegram Android Challenge.

The description of this application on the official Telegram website states: ((The purpose of Telegram X is to improve and develop Telegram and achieve new applications with greater ease and quality, and this version is not going to replace the current Telegram application, and in principle, the task of this new application is We are accelerating and developing Telegram by creating a platform for testing new approaches and technology.))

One of the important questions about this application is its security. Telegram is currently one of the most secure applications available, but does the security of Telegram guarantee the security of this messenger? Due to the fact that the messenger itself is approved by Telegram itself and its design and development team is under the supervision and guidance of Telegram itself, and according to experts in this field, it has a very high level of security.

A significant part of the original version of Telegram and this messenger is quite similar, so according to these common features, users will not be confused when using this application and can easily use it. One of the obvious features of this messenger is the automatic night feature, which is familiar to people who use it.

In addition to the night mode feature, there is another feature called Bubbles Mode, which is actually a customizable hamburger menu. If this part is not activated, the content bar and conversation history will be lost and the sentences will be displayed in a simple line.

The most important advantages and features of this telegram include the following:

1. This messenger has the Android version of the iPhone and desktop.

2. Possibility of two-step authentication

3. High speed and security confirmed by the official version of Telegram

4. Support for Telegram proxies as well as support for secret chat

This version of the application is written based on the special TDLib API and its developers have been optimized for 64-bit processors, and this has made it faster than various telegrams in various cases, such as uploading a photo file to load pages.

Creating a Telegram group and channel is not much different from the main Telegram and this messenger. The only difference is how to enter the stage of creating a channel or group, which in this application, after the case, touch the pencil icon and see the options of creating a group and creating a channel are displayed. Continue the steps similar to the main telegram Is.

Telegram has provided a space for each user to store data. People can access their multimedia files and documents for easy access. In addition, they can pin content sent by other people. Move to storage. However, we can see that there is a feature in this telegram that the stored content of others can be distinguished and recognizable with other items sent by the person, and also the SAVE MESSAGES section now has different tabs for better access to the item option. The comment is according to the type and nature of the article and you will no longer need to refer to Shared Media.

Another thing in this messenger is how to clear the cache. Occupying the cache makes it impossible to download and view photos and videos. The solution to this problem is to clear the cache, which can be done in two ways. The first way is through the messenger itself, for which you must enter the Settings section of the program and then select the Data and Storage option. In the next step, select the Storage Usage option and then touch the Media and Files section. In the menu that opens, select the red Clear option to completely clear the cache of this telegram. The second way is through the settings of the phone itself, which can be done after entering the installed applications section.

This developed telegram has provided the interesting possibility that even without opening the message, you can be informed of its content, which is possible in a very simple way. All you have to do is open the messenger and then put your finger on the chat page that has just been opened. Keep sending the message sent to you. This will show you a preview of the chat page where you can read the latest incoming messages. After removing your finger, the preview screen will no longer be visible, but the new message notification will still be displayed so that the message will not be read and the second tick will not be ticked.

In this application, we see that the music player of the program matches the color of the application environment. For example, when the program is in night mode, the music player was black and similar to the main theme of the program. Also, the cover of each music beautifully covers half of the screen, and a small cloud icon can be seen on the music that has not yet been downloaded into Telegram.

The main difference from the original version is the upgraded user interface, especially the main page of the program. In the first official Telegram client, we see the separation of the two sections of voice calls and chats.

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