Voice call in Telegram

Voice call in Telegram- Telegram Messenger is a global messenger with millions of users from different countries of the world. Telegram ranks very well among messengers, which shows the popularity and satisfactory performance of this messenger.

Telegram has unique capabilities and facilities, which is the reason why this messenger differs from other prominent messengers in the world. Telegram’s capabilities make its users can easily use this message, and the ease of using Telegram also creates a sense of satisfaction in users.

Over time, Telegram Company provides users with updates of this messenger, and by examining them, we realize that many features are being included in Telegram Messenger.

Among the features that have been added to it in Telegram updates, we can mention items such as save messages, animated stickers, video messages, supergroups, and so on. The greater the capability of a messenger, the more users are willing to use it, the existence of these features in Telegram attracts users to use Telegram.

One of the most important reasons to use Telegram Messenger is to chat and use this feature, but there are other features that have made users use Telegram more useful.

One of the most useful features of Telegram is voice calling, voice calling is one of the communication tools that we all use.

Telegram voice call capability is one of the most attractive features of this messenger through which we can communicate with our Telegram callers.

It may happen that you do not have enough time to type the message and chat, in these cases voice calling is the best option to communicate and convey the message to others.

Questions related to Telegram voice call, for example, how to make a voice call through Telegram? Are there any restrictions on Telegram voice calls? What is the quality of voice calls in this messenger?

In order to create a voice message in Telegram, the following steps must be followed:

1_ Log in to Telegram Messenger.

2_ Then go to the main menu of Telegram through the three-line icon.

3_ In this menu, the calls option is seen.

4_ By selecting the calls option, you will enter a new page where the list of your voice calls is displayed in Telegram.

5_ At the bottom of this page there is a phone icon that can be touched to make a voice call.

6_ After selecting this icon, you will be referred to your contact list, where you must find the person with whom you want to make a voice call.

7_ And in the last step, by touching the name of the person in question, a voice call is made.

There is another way to make a telegram voice call:

1_ Log in to your telegram messenger and then go to the chat window and talk to the person you wanted to chat with.

2_ In this step, touch the person’s name at the top of the page to move to a new page.

3_ There is a phone icon at the top of the page, by selecting this icon, a voice call will be established with the desired person.

On iOS, like Android, it is possible to make calls using the methods described. In iOS, users are prompted when making the first call to create a separate tab in the main Telegram menu for calls. The Calls section is created this way. It is possible to activate the calls section in the iOS version of Telegram by referring to the settings menu and then Recent Calls. In the Android version of Telegram Messenger, there is access to Call through a drop-down menu.

Voice call settings in Telegram:

The settings for voice calls in Telegram are how you can manage your calls this way. It is possible to determine who will be able to contact you, as well as restrictions. The existence of these settings creates more security in Telegram voice calls.

In order to make changes in a voice call, the following steps must be followed

1_ Log in to your Telegram messenger.

2_ Then go to the settings menu with the three-line icon.

3_ After entering the settings section, enter the privacy and security section.

4_ In the privacy section, the calls option can be seen. Enter this section.

At the beginning of the calls section, the question is asked:? who can call me There are three options for determining who we give voice access to.

everybody: By selecting this option, all Telegram users can make voice calls to us, even if they are not on our contact list.

If we select the everybody option, at the bottom of the page in the add exceptions section, the never allow option will be created, through which we can specify those with whom we do not want to make voice calls.

my contacts: If we select my contacts option, only the people in our contact list can make voice calls with us. When this option is enabled, two options never allow and always allow are created in the add exceptions section. never allow is for specifying people we never want to make a voice call to, and always allow is for specifying who we want to make a voice call to, even if they are not on our contact list.

nobody: This option is used when we do not want to use the voice call feature. If we enable the nobody option, the always allow option will appear in the add exceptions section, where we can specify the people we want to be able to make contact with.

We can simply make the desired changes to the Telegram voice call settings. Also, set your limits on who you want to voice over, as well as who you do not want to voice over.

Check security in Voice call in Telegram:

Telegram Messenger has used a two-way encryption system in order to create complete security in relation to Voice call in Telegram. Despite this feature, not all voice calls made via Telegram can be tracked and abused, and even the makers of Telegram messengers are not able to access users’ conversations.

Telegram has created an interesting way to create more security when using voice calls. In this way, when people make a voice call, four emojis are displayed for the caller and his contact who intends to talk to him. The similarity of these four emojis between the caller and the recipient indicates that the call is secure. The existence of these cases indicates that the Telegram voice call has a high level of security.

The use of artificial intelligence in telegram voice calls

When we make a voice call via telegram, a neural network begins to learn from the caller and record device feedback.

This process of learning and recording feedback has nothing to do with the content of users’ conversations because it is related to issues such as network speed, ping, data consumption, and so on.

This neural network starts optimizing the device according to the input components, and this makes you see the process of improving the quality of conversation and the performance of communication networks in your next calls.

In addition, it is possible to adjust the mentioned components when making calls and conversations with users.

Control the volume of internet consumption of voice calls

The quality of voice calls as well as the volume of internet consumption depends on the internet connection. Studies have shown that between 200 KB of the Internet is used per minute. Telegram company has set settings for managing internet usage in voice calls. In fact, in Telegram settings, the amount of internet usage can be reduced by about 25 to 35%, for this purpose, the following steps must be followed.

Enter the telegram messenger and then go to your settings menu.

2_ In the settings menu, select the data and storage option.

3_ In the data and storage section, the calls section has two options.

useless data for calls: This option is for less internet consumption when making a telegram voice call. Find your preferred option among the offered options.

The options never and only while roaming, only on mobile data, always are displayed in the pop-up window, which can be determined according to your opinion.

respond with text: The respond with text option is for when you want to respond with text, by selecting this option, the suggested messages will be displayed, among them, find and activate your desired option.

How fast is the voice call in Telegram?

Telegram points out that all users of this messenger use voice calls based on a Peer Peer connection. In fact, in this type of network, both working computers work on the same level, which means that each computer can use the information on another computer or send information to another computer. The telegram states that the implemented peer-to-peer connection uses the best audio codecs to save data consumption and provide the best available quality.

Telegram Messenger has created a feature in its voice calls, by providing the conditions for the user to connect to the nearest server in a completely pleasant way to increase the speed of his calls. This increases the call speed and does not delay the call termination. Telegram is created from a global distribution infrastructure that sends and receives text messages as quickly as possible.

Compared to other messengers, Telegram provides the best and fastest conditions in terms of speed and performance, and also uses a wide, fast, and high-quality distribution infrastructure for voice calls. Telegram Messenger intends to expand its content delivery networks around the world in the coming months, making it possible to reach the best available speed even in remote areas.

The ability to make voice calls viaTelegram allows all users to easily experience the quality and good voice call through this messenger. The ability to make voice calls in a messenger is a unique feature that has caused the satisfaction of Telegram messaging users as much as possible.

Voice calling is used in different situations, for example when you do not have enough time to type a message or you want to convey whatever news to someone. Using this feature of Telegram helps people to use this messenger more practically. We can often use Telegram voice calls to communicate with others and in this way communicate more effectively with others.

The addition of this type of feature to Telegram will increase the rank and position of this messenger compared to other messengers and encourage more people to use it.

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